18. October 2018 | Laser Cutting, Laser Drilling, Laser Patterning, Trade Shows

Laser glass processing specialist 4JET microtech is now offering a turnkey solution for high-volume precision cutting of technical glass.

The solution is aimed at mass production of substrate and cover glasses in automotive- or consumer electronics applications.

Core of the solution is the latest TWIN glass cutting system featuring the latest PearlCut™ optics.

The laser system seamlessly integrates a loading/unloading system including a pick+place unit to separate cut parts from the mother sheet. Glass disposal, cleaning and metrology units add to the full solution.

4JET’s TWIN platform – laser glass cutting for full scale production

Pick-and-place-module of the carrier system

Despite the compact footprint the standard TWIN unit can process substrates of up to 1200 by 800 mm² in size.

With cutting speeds of up to 1 m/s, edge strength more than 2x compared to mechanical cutting, part precision in single digit micro meters and the ability to cut even small radii, the PearlCut™ technology enables one-step manufacturing of free shape contours.

“Swiss Knife instead of Pizza Slicer”

The standard systems are capable to cut all common glass types including soda lime, borosilicate as well as chemically strengthened substrates up to several millimeters thickness. The software enables easy import and editing of CAD drawings.

PearlCutTM– Technology for precise cutting of glass substrates in various thicknesses

The system`s versatility is not only used by mass manufacturers, but also by Jobshop operations like 4JET`s own MicroFab cutting service near Rosenheim, Germany. A multitude of materials and shapes is processed in small batches with fast changeover from one product to another.

More glasstec Updates – Booth 11A31

4JET also offers an XL version of its solution to cut substrates of up to 3m in length, as well as the super compact CUBE system for glass drilling and thin-film patterning of sheets up to 600 x 600 mm².

Glass substrate with large area laser patterning

4JET’s compact CUBE system for laser drilling and laser patterning

Visit us at glasstec – booth 11A31 – to learn more about our laser glass processing systems and experience our live demo at every full hour.


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