23. August 2018 | Laser Cutting, Laser Drilling, Laser Patterning

Laser glass processing specialist 4JET microtech has opened up a new facility for precision processing of glass, thin-films and electronic components.

Located in Prutting near Rosenheim in the South of Germany, the new facility is equipped with 4JET´s latest glass processing laser systems, as well as state-of-art metrology.

Job Shop orders are being processed in the new MicroFab facility in Prutting, Germany.
PearlCutTM processed cover lenses for Smartphone cameras are an example for a Job Shop order

The company has been offering services for laser cutting, drilling, thin-film patterning and part marking using its portfolio of precision laser processing machines since 2016.

By opening a dedicated facility 4JET now expands its capacity and service level.

MicroFab is the first dedicated service provider for free form glass cutting services utilizing the kerf-free and high quality PearlCutTM process. 4JET also offers large format ITO patterning services, as well as via drilling for glass substrates.

Processed parts can be qualified in the metrology lab using light microscopy, surface analytics and bending test. 4JET´s service offering includes 100% test, cleaning, packaging and shipping.

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