Precision Tool for Research, Development and Mass Production

Our newly developed CUBE system is designed for laser applications “on or in glass” such as structuring thin-films, glass drilling and cutting. Fixed beam and galvo scanner options also enable other materials processing application.

Key applications include laser processing glass wafers or substrates for electronic, optical or medical applications. However, the system can be easily reconfigured for other processing applications in industry or R+D.

The granite motion system with a repeat accuracy of better 2 µm in all three dimensions combined with CCD alignment cameras as well as an offset detection guarantee for a part accuracy in the single digit micron range.

CUBE system

Substrates up to 600 x 600 mm2 can be processed. Workpiece trays allow automatic cassette loading.

Besides economical pricing, the system is characterized by a compact size and quick ramp-up times. Therefore laser source and controls are embedded in the machine enclosure.

The 4JET control suite allows easy import of CAD files and CAD to G-Code conversion. Other features include auto calibration, a vacuum chuck with integrated debris collection as well as an integrated laser power measurement.