Total solution for mission critical production

  • We develop standardized serial systems for processing glass and solar cells as well as customized laser machinery. Whenever existing solutions from our serial standards can not be used as a basis, machines need to be developed from “scratch” rather than off-the-shelf.

  • As a leading system integrator we develop turnkey, built-to-spec equipment for laser micromachining.

  • We start with a feasibility study based on sample parts. In our well-equipped laboratory, we analyze the process and determine the optimum parameters, such as wavelength, pulse duration, repetition rate, etc. For this purpose we utilize a wide range of different laser sources. Based on the results and the customer requirements in terms of processing time and throughput, we select the ideal laser source.

  • For careful work piece handling with the lowest possible non-productive times, we make use of our modular system with numerous proven solutions. Highest safety and serviceability find consideration alongside good operability.

  • Depending on these design requirements we can establish a cost estimate to allow a reasonable evaluation of the economics.

Customized system
Roll to roll processing