Automatic Adjustment to Glass Format Tolerance

Our laser systems are designed for integration of different laser sources. Thus enabling edge deletion of any thinfilm technology:

  • all metallic front- or back contacts (Mo, Al, Ag)
  • all semiconductors (a-Si single junction/tandem junction, CIS, CIGS, CdTe)
  • all TCO-coatings (ITO, ZnO, SnO2)

The typical format tolerances in the glass industry are addressed by an integrated sensor system. The software enables flexible programming of the edge deletion areas. Thus, retooling of the system is not necessary. The high beam quality of our systems substitute the P4-isocut. If needed, an additional isocut (532nm / 1064nm) can be integrated in our edge deletion systems.

Inline system for laser edge deletion
The platform can be adapted for all the industry’s established substrate sizes