Automated Precision Laser Drilling of Glass Substrates

The GDS systems allow the cost-efficient, flexible and material friendly laser drilling of glass in the solar- and the display industry as well as in further glass industries. The systems are designed for inline processing of glass panels in a fully automated and highly flexible setup. Even semi-tempered glass can be processed with the 4JET system.

4JET supplies turnkey production equipment including glass handling, laser source and optics as well as the process for the requested application.

In addition to the basic version of the GDS system 4JET also offers the GDSflex. This highly flexible system allows laser hole drilling of different diameters to be positioned in any quantity anywhere on the glass sheet. Thus, the GDSflex enables drilling of holes for bus bar wires and junction boxes  in c-Si photovoltaic modules of various designs without retooling. Besides applications in PV, the system is also well suited to drill holes in glass sheets for glazing- and automotive applications.

GDS sytem for laser glass drilling
GDSflex sytem
A look inside the GDSflex