High Quality Edges in only one Pass thanks to PearlCutTM Laser Process

PearlCutTM is a laser process solution for precision cutting of glass components in any shape, including undercuts. Ultrafast laser pulses and a dedicated beam shaping ensure that the substrate is cut with highest precision and high quality edges, in just one process step. At cutting speeds of about one meter/second, the PearlCutTM process maintains an accuracy level of just a few μm.

Applications include free shape cutting of thin glass parts for mobile electronics and display substrates and cover glasses, yet the process is also suitable to separate thicker glasses for other applications.

Mobile Phone Cover Glass Laser Cutting in 2,5 seconds

Processable glass types include soda lime and chemically strengthened glass with any ion-exchange depth. In addition brittle transparent materials such as sapphire can also be processed. The PearlCutTM process for laser glass cutting works non-ablative and kerf-free. As a result, no dust is created during the cutting process. The resulting smooth edges ensure high bending strength of the cut parts.

Free-shape laser glass cutting
Maximum yield
Precise and reproducible cutting results
Laser cutting of flexible glass
Smooth edges and perfect precision
Cover lenses for Smartphone cameras