Precision, Dynamics and Flexibility

Our TWIN platform is designed for laser processing of glass or film substrates.  The modular design allows the integration of up to two parallel or sequentially working process heads – for increased throughput or a combination of different processes in one machine.

Standard applications include the laser cutting of technical glasses with the PearlCutTM process, laser glass drilling or the precise laser patterning of thin conductive films (ITO patterning) for the production of optoelectronic devices such as touch panels, LEDs, OLEDs or Smart Windows as well as in automotive and life sciences applications.

Substrates are clamped to the processing table by vacuum and precisely aligned by a CCD camera. CAD layouts of the processing paths can be directly imported into the machine software for setup of recipes. For integration into automated production environments individual loading and unloading systems are available.

TWIN platform
TWIN platform with tailored loading and unloading module
Manual loading of TWIN system